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June 7 Firm Element Session 3
June 13 Griffin / Bain Capital & GIREX Webinar

Please welcome the newest members of the LifeMark Home Office team:

Nicholas DelGaizo – Operations Associate

Joseph Polizzi – Commissions Processing Intern

Nicholas DiCecca – Compliance Intern

Featured Article – Broadridge: Learn How to Have Clients for Life

Client acquisition and retention are the two pillars of success for any financial advisor’s practice. It can take a major investment of time and financial resources to bring good clients on board. But it may be even more important to dedicate those resources to retaining your clients over the long term.

This has always been true, but it has taken on new importance with the shift from transactional compensation to fee-based advising. In a transactional world, maintaining strong client relationships might bring the client back for more transactions — certainly a worthwhile business goal. However, in a fee-based practice, retaining long-term clients can lead to more substantial continuing revenue. Consider a client with $1 million of assets under management at a 1% annual fee. Over the course of 20 years, that client could generate $200,000 in revenue.

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Featured Product – Griffin Institutional Access™ Credit Fund

Griffin Institutional Access™ Credit Fund (the “Fund”)’s investment objective is to generate a return comprised of both current income and capital appreciation, emphasizing current income with low volatility and low correlation to the broader markets. The Fund strategically invests in an actively managed, diversified portfolio of credit instruments. The portfolio primarily includes bank loans, senior direct lending (SDL) investments, high-yield bonds, structured debt and equity, and non-performing loans.

The Fund is managed by a highly experienced execution team. Griffin Capital Credit Advisor, LLC serves as the Fund’s Advisor and oversees all investment activity. Bain Capital Credit, LP, the credit investing arm of Bain Capital, serves as the Fund’s Sub-Advisor and actively manages the portfolio by providing ongoing research, opinions, and recommendations on the Fund’s investments. Individual investors benefit from decades of hands-on experience and the global scale of Bain Capital.

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