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Dear Valued Clients,

As you know, KCG has always been focused on delivering a personalized, high-touch, “white glove” service for my Clients.   To further that level of service and enhance the investment process, Destiny became a minority partner (25%) in a stock swap with KCG in January 2021.  We agreed to proceed under the Destiny Wealth Partners umbrella organization.

Destiny model portfolios performed quite well in the secular bear market of 2022, reducing potential losses when compared with the broad market indices.  In unpredictable and bull markets however, those same models’ performance have been mixed.  Since June, we have allocated to Core models, more reflective of the actual market, delivering index-style returns.

Those of you who have been my Clients for more than three years are aware of my skill in delivering benchmarked returns commensurate with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.  I believe that re-introducing the familiar KCG portfolio-construction process, and further expanding the universe of investment options is the right decision at this time.

As President and Chief Investment Officer of KCG, my Clients’ best interests will always come first.  While a specific date has not yet been set, I will be exercising my option to withdraw from the Destiny partnership by year-end.

What does that mean to your experience with KCG? For many of you, I have had the privilege of answering your questions personally and welcome your calls going forward.   You will receive a written notification of the change and be asked to sign a new Investment Management Agreement, confirming that KCG will continue to manage your accounts.

I am your Advisor; personally providing resources, high-touch service, and expertise in your best interests.  Commentary focus will be on You.  Efficiencies may eventually be delivered through new partnerships or subscription-style relationships, but under the Client-focused KCG banner; always adding to available investment solutions and a more seasoned team to serve you.

I am very excited for this next growth stage of KCG and welcome any questions you may have.

Sincere Regards,


Post script:  With the holiday season approaching and the bond market generating higher, long-term yields, we will be contacting you to schedule your quarterly appointment…perhaps earlier than expected.  I look forward to seeing you then!